Saturday, July 24, 2010

Countdown to retirement

Well July 29th, 2010 is retirement day... I have been working 43 years and think it is MY time now. Of course I will miss the people that I work with and a lot of my patients [work in a dental office] but I am so looking forward to doing whatever I want, whenever I want too. Going to love throwing that darn alarm clock out as well.

As you can see from the new picture that I put up, I now as the proud owner of the Golden Cricut. I was pretty much worth all of the 8000 reward points I turned in to get it. I just LOVE sure if I will use it or just put it in a display case. Decisions...decisions...LOL

Going to move my messy scrapbook room into the living room to give me more space. My husband said I could paint it beige like the hallway and entryway, but he is sadly mistaken...thinking either neon green and neon pink or pink and purple and maybe some neon green. He will probably go balistic, but we are putting up a wall and a door, so he will only see it if he 'asks' to come in.

I have been busy buying up new toys to play with after retirement day...can't believe how fast ProvoCraft is coming out with cartridges, think I need a big stash saved for all of them...

OK, 4 more days of work...then Bliss!

God Bless,