Saturday, July 24, 2010

Countdown to retirement

Well July 29th, 2010 is retirement day... I have been working 43 years and think it is MY time now. Of course I will miss the people that I work with and a lot of my patients [work in a dental office] but I am so looking forward to doing whatever I want, whenever I want too. Going to love throwing that darn alarm clock out as well.

As you can see from the new picture that I put up, I now as the proud owner of the Golden Cricut. I was pretty much worth all of the 8000 reward points I turned in to get it. I just LOVE sure if I will use it or just put it in a display case. Decisions...decisions...LOL

Going to move my messy scrapbook room into the living room to give me more space. My husband said I could paint it beige like the hallway and entryway, but he is sadly mistaken...thinking either neon green and neon pink or pink and purple and maybe some neon green. He will probably go balistic, but we are putting up a wall and a door, so he will only see it if he 'asks' to come in.

I have been busy buying up new toys to play with after retirement day...can't believe how fast ProvoCraft is coming out with cartridges, think I need a big stash saved for all of them...

OK, 4 more days of work...then Bliss!

God Bless,


Friday, May 14, 2010

Benny & Ginney Feb. 3, 1968

My flower girl found some pictures from 'years' ago and put them on my Facebook. This is one from long ago I am sharing
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where did April Go?

Well, I have putting some of my cartridges in my Gypsy...still not sure if I want to put them all on there or not...decisions, decisions...

I have been watching a lot of video's that is for sure and have a lot of info going around in my head. I really love the new carts, especially Create a Critter and should be getting the new Summer carts on Tuesday. But I have to make a Heritage album for a cousin of mine for a family reunion coming up on June have to get my rear in gear.

I know that I am going to sell my Cricut Jukebox, never even opened it and now with the Gypsy, I reckon I don't need it. Also have a new Destinations cartridge that came with my G that I don't need as if anyone is intested, let me know.

Only 10 more months until retirement, so looking forward to that. At present we have of our youngest son [37] still home [he is a commercial fisherman in Alaska] helping his dad [Benny can no longer work after his surgery, so he is now retired] and one of our grandson's [19] living with us. Big change since it has been just Benny and I for a lot of years. But we take it a day at a time.

Okie to make some heritage pages...will check back in soon.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

Well....where did March go? It seems the older one gets [me, lol] the days and months fly by. So, I thought that I would put myself on a mission. For those that know me, I am someone who 'wants' to always organize their scrapbooking space..can't tell you how many times I have started and never finished. But I keep finding new tools/goodies that I have bought and 'misplaced', for lack of the word 'lost.' Well, we have one of our grandson's staying with us for a while and his girlfriend loves to organize, so I am enticing her to help me by helping her to make a couple of scrapbooks. All she has to bring are the pictures, I have all the rest and then some. So I am hoping that it will help me to get my rear in gear and start finishing some of the projects that are half done. So b4 too long, I will post some pictures, and show a few finished projects....thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Husband update...

Just want to thank everyone for all your thoughts and prayers...Benny came home Wednesday night after 2 weeks in the hospital. He is recuperating at home but I really have to get back to work on Monday after 2 weeks off myself. I have been eyeing all the message boards and have found some great blogs with so many ideas, my head is spinning. Can't wait to get my heart and soul back into doing what I love to do! Going to start out with some cardmaking and since spring is almost here, I want to use my Flower Soft, I have great spring colors...hugs to all of you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happening News...

Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks. Benny [my husband] got so sick on Feb. 18th, that I took him to the hospital emergency room. He almost didn't make it, had to have emergency surgery and today, still in the hospital, but doing so much better. So many people were praying for him that God did what He does best. I have been so busy going back and forth to the hospital that I have not had time to play with my new carts. Did end up getting Batman and Superman, just not sure how I want to use them yet. There is just too much going on in my head right now.
I did finally see one of my older grandson's [he just turned 21] on Saturday and gave him the scrapbook I had made for him a couple of years ago, and he was really touched and told me that he would keep it forever. Made me feel pretty good. Almost done with the 18 year olds and have started 2 more [10 grandkids in all]. But there is no excuse because I believe that I have all the carts out...dred the 20+ I here are coming out this year...UGH!!! LOL

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's see what happens

Well, I am off for 4 days and I am looking at about 20 new cartridges the I am going to register today, plus the rewards...then I am going to attempt to make a few cards. Tomorrow I will try and at least get stuff off the floor so I can move around better, lol...I will post pics when I get the cards done.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cricut Carts

Found a great site with such great prices [no s/h or tax] so I was able to order 8 new carts..Going to try them out this weekend...can't wait! 6 of them were only $29 [Destinations, Paisley, Sweethearts, Tie the Knot, Heritage, and Sweet Treats, the $34 were: Elmo's Party and Forever Young. Have the new Princess on order...they have sales all the time, just have to check.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trying to get it together...

I really haven't had the time to get into this blogger thing, but I want to give it a try. I have a ton of scrapbooking/cardmaking tools, gadgets and machines. but just have to find a way to make the time I have to do all these things that I want to do. Probably just too many sticks in the fire. So I am starting this New Year in trying to see what I have [there is a lot of things I know I have, just can't find them in here, how sad is that?] and then having a game plan to do it. Wish me luck!
That is is for now,