Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where did April Go?

Well, I have putting some of my cartridges in my Gypsy...still not sure if I want to put them all on there or not...decisions, decisions...

I have been watching a lot of video's that is for sure and have a lot of info going around in my head. I really love the new carts, especially Create a Critter and should be getting the new Summer carts on Tuesday. But I have to make a Heritage album for a cousin of mine for a family reunion coming up on June have to get my rear in gear.

I know that I am going to sell my Cricut Jukebox, never even opened it and now with the Gypsy, I reckon I don't need it. Also have a new Destinations cartridge that came with my G that I don't need as if anyone is intested, let me know.

Only 10 more months until retirement, so looking forward to that. At present we have of our youngest son [37] still home [he is a commercial fisherman in Alaska] helping his dad [Benny can no longer work after his surgery, so he is now retired] and one of our grandson's [19] living with us. Big change since it has been just Benny and I for a lot of years. But we take it a day at a time.

Okie to make some heritage pages...will check back in soon.